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PEXP-1 black panel

PEXP-1 black panel

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Black replacement panel for ALM Busy Circuits PEXP-1 eurorack module.

Please not that to change panel on the PEXP-1 module you will need to de-solder and re-solder the connections to the DIN-jacks. This would absolutely void any kind of warranty and only do it on your own risk.

Panel only, module not included.

When removing the existing panel, if care is not taken, its easy to snap the top off an LED. Screen assemblies are very fragile and should be handled with care as they can easily be broken (avoid touching the ribbon cable). It is also strongly advised to keep any screen insert in place. The jack nuts are custom and require a custom unique tool to remove easily. It can be done with pliers wrapped in electrical tape (take care not to scratch the panel).
Replacing the panel and/or performing any modifications to the unit will VOID THE WARRANTY. If something gets broken a repair is not cheap.
Mörk Modules work is in no way affiliated or sanctioned by ALM.

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