Before installation, please note that Mork Modules is not responsible for any damage related to installation of the panels. Switching panels on a module might void the manufacturer warranty of that module. Please visit the Information page for more details.


Here is how to install the replacement panel:

1. Please make sure to take the necessary anti-static precautions when handling delicate electronic equipment.

2. Remove all knobs and knurlies from the shafts and jacks. If there is any screws holding the panel in place, remove those as well.

3. Carefully remove the panel. If there is a display protection attached to the panel, carefully remove that one as well as it will be installed in the new panel.

4. Insert any display cover in the new panel and put the new panel on the module. This can be a bit finicky for big modules with a lot of jacks. Just take your time and be patient. No big amounts of force should be necessary.

5. When the panel is fitted correctly, reattach all the knurlies, screws and pots. For best result fasten the knurlies in a star pattern.

6. Enjoy your new black panel!


If you are unsure on how to install the replacement panel or have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.